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Biotech Research & Development

Synadex’s biopharmaceutical and scientific team have over 45 years of experience and have won International awards and recognition in the field of medical research. We are energized, passionate and devoted to developing bio-therapeutics which will address significant medical needs. Synadex takes great pride in a portfolio of unique therapeutic discoveries; including those which research indicates promising advancements in combating some of the most threatening diseases in the world. Because of exceptional success in our research, Synadex is fast becoming a growing Biotech Company with a global approach.

Research is the wellspring of potential products. Synadex views its R&D capabilities as a vital component of its business strategy thus providing the company with a sustainable advantage. Our scientists are engaged in ground-breaking research including but not limited to the discovery of bio-pharmaceutical properties and development. Our research and development is a manifestation of our belief innovation and quality.

Our researchers have experienced exceptional results in discovering new active biopharmaceutical agents, which would address significant medical needs, such as treatment of HIV-1, chronic Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C, Toxic Hepatitis and Asthma.

The high toxicity in many present drugs, results in serious problems. We focus on small molecule therapeutics for the potential treatment of life-threatening diseases, which are highly effective and very safe.

Product and Research Pipeline

We have a number of therapeutics in various stages of research and development that are based on our proprietary methods and research. Definitive clinical trials are starting soon in three countries on four products. European and American production facilities are underway.