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Biotech Research & Development

Synadex is a biotechnology company specializing in research, development, manufacturing and distribution of phamacautical and nutraceutical products. We operate our own laboratories and test facilities.

Synadex has collaborative programs with medical research institutions, university medical centers, bio-pharmaceutical researchers and clinics worldwide.

Our research has delivered incredible results which indicate new nutraceutical compounds, drugs and medicines for the treatment of chronic life-threatening diseases such as:

Liver Disorders, Cancers, Bacterial Infections, HIV/AIDS, HBV, and HCV.

Worldclass Synadex researchers including Bio-chemists, Chemists, and Medical Doctors have developed new Anti-Asthma remedies, Anti-Coagulants used in hospital/clinic operating rooms worldwide, and Anti-Carcinogenic Compounds.

We believe every one with a disease deserves to have a chance of improving their health and having a normal life, independent of cultural, religious, regional and economical differences. Our approach is to develop new compounds which are high in efficacy, low in toxicity and low production costs, to reach every one and improve human life. We are especially proud of focusing our efforts in the Third World to provide life-saving drugs and medicines at affordable prices.

About Us

Synadex’s biopharmaceutical and scientific team have over 45 years of experience and have won International awards and recognition in the field of medical research. We are energized, passionate and devoted to developing bio-therapeutics which will address significant medical needs. Synadex takes great pride in a portfolio of unique therapeutic discoveries; including those which research indicates promising advancements in combating some of the most threatening diseases in the world. Because of exceptional success in our research, Synadex is fast becoming a growing Biotech Company with a global approach.

Our Mission

Synadex is dedicated to discover, develop, and commercialize bio-therapeutics and medical solutions which would focus on significant medical improvement in lives of those afflicted with serious infectious and inherited diseases.

Our Vision

Innovative therapeutics with strong efficacy, low toxicity and at extremely low prices for all to afford worldwide.